Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Had a great Memorial Day weekend with the family. It is nice to remember the loved ones that have passed away to keep them in our hearts forever. It was fun to be around family and cousins and catch up.

Mom and dad with Olson baby girl.
Good times with cousins.

Sasha & Her Many Graduations

Sasha graduated three times. One at MATC graduation, seminary graduation and now SHHS graduation. Way to go Sasha. We are proud of you!
Happy Graduation Day!

Let real life begin now

Sasha graduation from MATC school too.

MATC Graduation

Kelton Starts Coach Pitch

Kelton was super excited to start coach pitch this year. His team is the Yankees, which he loves. Kelton can catch and hit the ball really well. Thanks to Easton for all the time he spends catching and practicing with him.
Kelton sliding into home. SAFE!!!

Kelton is 7 & movin on to 2nd Grade

Kelton is now 7 years old. He got a bike, bat & ball, cologne, tie, movie and lots of mooola.
Lighting his own candles and tryng not to get burnt.

Thanks Grandma Nornee.
Kelton in his 1st grade program. He loves to sing and did an amazing job. He also had to hula hoop for his part and did not drop it once! Get ready 2nd grade, here comes Kelt!


Graduation present from dad, which was a HUGE shocker considering what happened with the last cat we had. I never thought I would see the day when we owned another cat. Dad said he couldn't resist those huge brown eyes. He better learn, or he is in for BIG trouble in the future!

Ri loving Scoogles! She came up with the name all by herself!

Ri loves it when Scoogles licks her!
Ri and Scoogles!

Ri Pre-School Graduation

Ri and teacher Carrie
Ri & Mom at pre-school graduation

Ri did it!

Ri during her graduation program
The graduate!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Turkey, Turkey, Gobble, Gobble

Easton had a turkey tag that he was sooo excited to hunt. On the opening morning, he shot his very FIRST turkey. They only had to hike a little to get to them. They heard it, called it out and took it on his first shot. He only had to track it a little ways. He was so excited to take it down. Way to go Easton!
Proud Turkey owner!
What a beauty, not!

Loved showing all of his friends and neighborhood. They thought he was the coolest!

Oh yeah baby!